What we do

We believe that real and sustainable impacts on natural resource management and community rights won’t be possible until the people who live in the countries concerned have the information, skills and resources they need to address the issues directly, and to hold their own governments and decision-makers to account. That is why we support African civil society groups that are working to make a positive change to community rights and natural resource management in their home countries and in the wider world.

We have placed the sustainability of civil society organisations (CSOs) at the centre of our approach because CSOs that work with and are accountable to the communities they support are often the ones amplifying community voices. However, they are under huge pressure from governments and citizens to demonstrate their legitimacy, credibility and value. Dependency on Northern funders and international non-governmental organisations has transformed CSOs into sub-contractors and reinforces the perception that many organisations are disconnected from their roots and have no long-term viability.

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These are some of the ways in which
we are supporting African CSOs: