Why take on Well Grounded
as a consultant?

  • Consultancies allow us to contribute to the efforts that international non-governmental organisations are making in support of civil society organisations and communities fighting for social and environmental justice.
  • We believe people have to own their own change and development. Therefore, we expose ideas and facilitate the development of solutions, we do not impose them. We design participatory processes that allow all members of an organisation to be key actors in the process. We seek to create spaces in which busy people can stop, reflect and share, and in which new policy and practice can be jointly developed.
  • We believe each organisation is unique, therefore we adapt our work to take this into account. We also look at an organisation’s system as a whole rather than at individual parts in isolation.
  • We believe in simplicity, therefore, we use practical approaches that are easily understood. We look at the organisation from where they currently are and bring a constructive approach that focuses on their strengths, assets and where they excel.
  • We seek to live our values in the way we approach our consultancy work.

How can we collaborate
with you as consultants?

  1. Partnership development:
    Your organisation supports development actions in forest governance and indigenous rights and is looking for local civil society organisations that are able to actively and strategically get involved? We can carry out the necessary studies or assessments for you. For example:

    1. A scoping study prior to your intervention: An assessment of the current situation and future trends in the target country.
    2. Organisation analysis: Preliminary assessment of organisations interested in collaborating with your organisation. This will allow your organisation to know prior to the partnership how to best support the development and capacity of your partner.
  2. Project review and planning:
    You are at the end of the project or halfway through and you wish to make an appraisal to decide on future actions or to redefine your future strategy. Your questions relate to the outcome of the project, the governance within the project, the team’s capacity for action in the face of the various local issues, the dynamics of the project’s team, etc.

    1. We can design and facilitate a participative learning & auto-evaluation session with the project team and stakeholders.
  3. Peer learning:
    You collaborate with a number of organisations and you realise that they are facing common challenges. You want to support them in a cost-effective manner and you want them to learn from each other and show their willingness to improve their practice.

    1. We can organise peer learning cycles. Our practitioners can facilitate the Co-development cycle and will accompany the participants to build and take ownership of a peer learning practice.
  4. Facilitation skills:
    Your team or your partners facilitate dialogue, reflections and processes on the ground with communities, authorities, or other relevant actors. They sometimes find it difficult to manage different perspectives and opinions and to maintain the focus of the group to reach their common objective.

    1. We can design and train your team or your partners on participatory approaches, facilitation techniques and tools that facilitate decision-making and collaborative work.
  1. Coaching for leaders:
    The leader of the organisation you are supporting is struggling with finding balance in their work or knowing how to support their team (for example, in the delegation of responsibility, encouraging greater autonomy, and transforming conflict) despite their willingness.

    1. We can provide leadership coaching to support leaders who are willing to examine themselves and their practice, and who want to support their teams and to provide a space for the development of confidence and autonomy.
  2. Developing Community practice:
    The focus of your work or project is to support communities to be more independent and take the lead in community action, by being pro-active and responsive to the problems affecting them.

    1. We can offer an accompaniment to your community workers by training and coaching them in participative approaches in engaging with communities. We can co-develop a process that allows them to practice what they learn. We can connect them to other community practitioners for learning exchanges.
  3. Supporting networks:
    You are supporting a civil society network that are just getting established, that are already established but no longer have a common purpose or that has an inactive membership. They may not be as strong of a network as they would like, which is affecting their desired impact.

    1. We support networks to rethink and design their governance, their structure and to define their strategy so that they remain effective and achieve the impact they seek. Oftentimes a network focuses on administrative documents such as statutes and internal procedures. Our support helps them to question what it is they really seek to achieve with this work and oftentimes includes examining issues of confidence, adherence and legitimacy.