Theory of Change

In the countries in which Well Grounded works, natural resources are central to the lives and livelihoods of the poorest and most marginalised people. However, all too often these resources aren’t managed sustainably or in a way that benefits the communities who depend on them. The situation is becoming more urgent as the international appetite for natural resources becomes ever greater. Communities and natural habitats are under pressure.

However, there are people and organisations on the ground who are doing something about it: working with communities to support them as they assert their rights to manage their land and resources, and working at various levels to bring about policy and legal reform. Well Grounded focuses on supporting groups of people who have come together to take action in their own countries, and who have set up some type of civil society organisation. We choose to work with civil society because we consider that it has an important role to play in proposing positive solutions to the challenges being faced and in being a counterweight to the very powerful voices of government and the private sector.

We believe that real and sustainable impacts on natural resource management and community rights won’t be possible until the people who live in the countries concerned have the information, skills and resources they need to address the issues directly, and to hold their own governments and decision-makers to account. That is why we support African civil society groups that are working to make a positive change to community rights and natural resource management in their home countries and in the wider world.

How change happens