Well Grounded offers organisation development services to civil society groups in Africa so that they have the information, skills and resources they need to do their work.

The services that we offer are often in the form of facilitation, training, coaching and mentoring. This means that our core resources are our human resources: in other words, what we mainly offer to our clients is the time and expertise of the different members of the Well Grounded team.

The Well Grounded team is made up of staff members (core team), associates and board members.


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Core team

They do the day-to-day work of the organisation, and also make strategic decisions collaboratively.

Emma Almeras
Emma has been with Well Grounded since April 2012 and joined the team as it was setting up the office in Yaoundé, where she remained for her first year. She is currently co-directing the organisation.
Mireille Kayijamahe
Mireille joined Well Grounded in 2012 and was the driving force behind its establishment in Cameroon. She has worked as a change facilitator with CSOs, and specializes in governance and financial management. She is currently co-directing the organisation.
Ali Muhammad
Ali joined Well Grounded in late 2018 as Finance & Grant Manager. He has a strong background in accounting & finance and brings his financial expertise to centralise the organisation's financial management following the adoption of a new organisational structure.
Stephany Kersten
Stephany joined Well Grounded in April 2017 and is based in the Yaoundé office. She has a long term history in the region, working with different organisations. The red ribbon through her career has been setting up participatory processes.


Well Grounded draws on a small pool of Associates to support civil society groups in Central Africa and to contribute to Well Grounded's own development. Associates are independent consultants who share Well Grounded's values and our client-driven and participatory approach. These individuals contribute skills and competencies that complement those of our staff team.

Guillaume Soto
Having spent 10 years working as an engineer and project manager in different parts of the world, he settled in Yaoundé in Cameroun in 2012, where he established the company Shauri Conseil & Coaching (Shauri-CC).
Emily Wilson
Emily has been working with Well Grounded since June 2012; she joined the team when the Yaoundé office was opening, and was appointed Executive Director in 2017. She has been working as an Associate since April 2019, on issues of gender, community development and organizational change.
Fidele Yobo
Fidele has spent over 10 years facilitating change processes for civil society organisations in several african countries and is the co-founder of YALEF foundation Cameroon.
Mathilde Bullot
Mathilde is a graduate in foreign languages and international relations, and holds over 13 years of international experience. She now supports CSOs in Africa and Europe as a free-lancer based in France. She joined Well Grounded in early 2019.
Doudou Kalala
Doudou Kalala joined the Well Grounded team in March 2014 and is based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. He is an accomplished community development practitioner and youth empowerment programming expert.


Board members are people who share the values and objectives of Well Grounded and play a role in reinforcing the organisation’s internal governance mechanisms. They also bring a rich set of skills and experience to the organisation that help us in our development. The directors give timely support around legal and, at times, strategic issues.

Cath Long
Cath has been with Well Grounded since June 2010: she is one of the founder members. Her formal training was in Ecology and Environmental Science.
Iola Leal
Iola is one of the co-founders of Well Grounded. She has also worked as an unpaid director since the establishment of Well Grounded in 2010.
Will Campbell
Will has been an unpaid director with Well Grounded since 2013. He is based in London and works as an organisation development consultant.