Emma Almeras

At a Glance

Nationality: USA
Location/Base: London
Languages: English and French
Key competencies: Project management, donor relations, project administration and financial management

Emma has been with Well Grounded since April 2012 and joined the team as it was setting up the office in Yaoundé, where she remained for her first year. Since March 2013, Emma has been based in the London office. Emma grew up in the United States and is fluent in English and French.

In the past, Emma has worked with organisations supporting work on improving forest governance in the Congo Basin and Latin America. She has skills in project management, specifically in terms of donor relations, project administration and financial management. Emma also has experience in fundraising.

Before joining Well Grounded, Emma worked in the non-profit sector developing new systems and implementation guidelines for the financial management of programmes, designing internal governance handbooks and supporting a wide range of programme backstopping activities. She also played a key role in the start-up of a non-profit organisation, which has given her an even greater appreciation for the challenges faced by small and young organisations.

Emma has a Master of Science degree in Urban Development and Planning, with a specialisation in Environment and Sustainable Development. Her Master’s research focused on issues faced by communities marginalised by poor government policies and development initiatives in both the Global North and South.