Our Governance

Shared governance at Well Grounded

Our governance is based on the principles of Sovereignty, Framework and Care! These three dimensions are interdependent to ensure security, creativity, and well-being within our organisation.

It is from these intentions that we have formalised an organisation and a decision-making process that allows WG to develop over time and efforts.

We work through connected and self-organised circles. Within the same circle, all roles have equal decision-making power.

Five circles make up our structure:

  • The General Circle: This is the main circle whose mission is to ensure the smooth running of the organisation (including governance).
  • The Delivery Circle: Its purpose is to provide organisation development civil society organisation and to monitor progress.
  • The Learning & Development Circle: In charge of creating a learning framework and space, and to develop learning policies as well as documenting processes, working approaches.
  • The Enabling Environment Circle: Conducting research and events that foster the civil society environment. It makes research reports, tools and methods available to the public.
  • The Guiding Circle: It is made up of the members of the Board of Directors and its mission is to support the general circle and to meet the legal responsibilities of Well Grounded.

Why a shared governance at Well Grounded?

Well Grounded was founded as a flat organisation, a non-hierarchical organisation based on a key value of power equivalence and with the intention of sharing power and making sure that everyone can contribute to the decisions that affect them.

Shared governance fosters four important drivers for our team:

For full information on our Governance and Structure please download here.