Our clients

We are excited to collaborate with African civil society organisations that approach us because they want support to improve or change how they are working. We consider them our clients because it is to them that we are primarily accountable, regardless of how our work with them is financed.

We do not use the word ‘partner’ because we feel it is overused and describes a wide range of relationships, including many that are unequal. We use the word ‘client’ because we want to be clear that our relationship with organisations is professional and based on mutual respect.

At the moment, our support is mainly focused on civil society organisations in the Congo Basin that are working on issues of natural resource governance and community rights.

Well Grounded views ‘civil society organisations’ as any groupings, formal or informal, that have purpose, people and process. They can include, among others, non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, networks, platforms, coalitions and social movements.

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Our services

The organisation development services that we offer to our clients are tailored to each one’s particular needs. This often requires helping clients to think through and prioritise the many issues they are dealing with internally and then to come up with strategies and tactics that will enable them to tackle them. Well Grounded also facilitates links and exchanges with other organisations in the region or internationally to enable peer-to-peer learning and mentoring.

Well Grounded provides organisation development by offering facilitationtrainingcoaching and mentoring to address priorities that we and our clients identify together. This support can range from a session of a few hours or days to several sessions over several months. Well Grounded works directly with clients face-to-face and also offers advice and support at a distance.

Our services are designed to support clients to reflect, learn and take conscious action based on their own vision, mission and values. The ultimate goal is to support the delivery of high-quality work and sustainable impact. Wherever the resources for their work come from, we ensure that clients keep in sight their own objectives and those of the communities and groups with which they work, and that they internalise the learning from any specific initiatives so that they can make use of it in existing and new work that they develop themselves.

For more information about the types of services we offer, please see the Organisation Development page.