One-to-one processes

Although there are many inspirational and dynamic individuals and groups who are doing extraordinary things to promote good governance of natural resources and rights of resource-dependent communities in the Congo Basin, these same people and groups often run up against barriers that stop them from scaling up what they are doing and having the impact they hope for.

That is why Well Grounded was established in 2010 : to support civil society organisations (CSOs) so that they can realise their objectives and vision and make positive changes to natural resource management and community rights in their home countries and in the wider world. (Read more about Well Gounded’s history here)

The core of Well Grounded’s work is to facilitate organisation development processes for our clients (CSOs and CSO networks) on a one-to-one basis and on a variety of topics. This involves working with individuals, teams and entire organisations and supporting them to bring about changes to ways of thinking, being and doing. Because the change we aim to support is deep and iterative, we prefer to develop long-term collaborations with clients.

Our objective is to support African CSOs to be better led, more inclusive and more effective: so that they have a clear vision, shared values and clarity about how they intend to influence change, and so that they have the internal systems and resources they need to do so.

Support is provided by Well Grounded through a mix of facilitation, training, coaching and mentoring; both face-to-face and at a distance. Some issues and themes that we commonly work on with our clients include:

  • – Organisational strategy / Action planning
  • – Board / Governance
  • – Leadership / Management
  • – Diversity and Inclusion / Gender
  • – Conflict transformation / Trust building / Negotiation
  • – Accountability / Representation
  • – Organisational Structure / Roles & Responsibilities
  • – Monitoring / Evaluation / Learning
  • – Fundraising strategy / Proposal writing / Donor relations
  • – Financing strategy / Funding models (self-financing mechanisms)
  • – Communications strategy (Internal and external)
  • – Peer learning / Partnerships

You can read more about how Well Grounded designs and facilitates strategic processes in our discussion paper: The Importance of Strategy for CSOs