Leadership development

Since Well Grounded was established in 2010, we have worked with African CSOs on a variety of organisation development issues and it has become increasingly clear that one of the biggest challenges they face is around leadership.

In response to this, Well Grounded designed and piloted a leadership programme in 2014-2015, which targeted individuals working for civil society in the natural resource and community rights sector. Participants came from Cameroon, the Central African Republic (CAR) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Based on the results and recommendations of an external evaluation carried out in 2015, as well as our own learning, Well Grounded launched a newly designed Leadership Development Programme (LDP) in early 2017 targeting individuals from client CSOs in Cameroon, CAR, DRC, and the Republic of Congo.

The overarching objective of the new LDP, and our work on leadership more generally, is to support a core of African male and female CSO leaders and potential leaders so that they have increased awareness of their competencies and weaknesses, and are actively working to improve their leadership.

Participants in the LDP are individuals working with one of Well Grounded’s client CSOs, to ensure that there is a link between individual and organisational level change. These individuals must apply and go through a selection process before being accepted into the programme.

The programme consists of individual preparatory work; a 6-day residential workshop; one-on-one coaching and mentoring support to individuals as they implement personal leadership action plans and micro-projects aimed at bringing about positive changes within their organisations; and a regional learning forum at the end.

Beyond the LDP, Well Grounded also provides leadership development support as part of the one-to-one processes that we facilitate with clients.

You can read more about Well Grounded’s approach to leadership in our discussion paper: The Challenge of Leadership in Civil Society Organisations in the Congo Basin. You can also watch a short video about one of the residential workshops here.