Learning and Practice Café

Learning and Practice Café

The Café de Savoirs et Pratiques (Learning and Practice Café) is a learning journey for French-speaking professionals committed to social and environmental justice in and around the countries of the Congo Basin.

It is a journey that takes place exclusively online in the form of facilitated conversations, favouring both theoretical input from experts and an exchange of experience between participants. It implies a strong commitment on the part of the participants who are actors and not consumers of knowledge. It is a real sharing of practices and knowledge between professionals.

The Café des Savoirs et Pratiques will be an opportunity to address several themes often requested by civil society actors, which represent challenges to be taken up for a transformation of practices. The Café des Savoirs et Pratiques is not “training" in the strict sense of the term, even if it has a formative function. It is above all a group of practices bringing together committed people who defend a humanist and inclusive vision.

The first theme to be addressed by the Café des Savoirs et Pratiques is “The Asset and Community Approach (ACCA)". Other themes are under development, such as women’s empowerment participatory and inclusive governance, etc.

an online series for French speakers


Asset and Community Centred Approach (ACCA)

December 18, 2020 – July 30, 2021

24 hours of theoretical input
30 hours of practise exchanges
10 hours of individual reflection
2 hours of mentoring

Deadline for submission of application : December 4, 2020