Convening Debates

We create space for dialogue by bringing together African civil society actors, organisation development practitioners, and INGOs so that they can continually challenge how they approach ensuring the long-term sustainability of organisations and their actions. This critical lens also applies to civil society organisations, taking a long, hard look at themselves, and to funders of civil society, whose support has often failed to build sustainable capacity.

These spaces are also for sharing alternative models, innovative initiatives, practices and technological tools that can make a difference in building sustainable organisations that have great impact.

We also connect actors from across Africa and the world so that they can learn from each other and build synergies and communities of practice.

Here are some events that
Well Grounded has supported:

  • Innov4Change E-Conference
    Over 5 days, we give the floor to African civil society organisations and experts of change to reflect together on the social and technological innovations of tomorrow. We believe these changes are necessary for the development of a new world more active in the search for solutions and alternatives to address environmental, economic and societal crises and injustice.
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  • Legal Timber Forum: “Legal timber supply to the domestic market: a myth perpetuated or progressive reality ?", October 2019
    A learning and networking workshop for actors involved in the issue of legal timber supply in Cameroon. The forum was attended by a diversity of actors involved in the legal timber sector in Cameroon including, civil society organisations, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)/Large Enterprises, Public Authorities, Donors and Financiers and the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts.
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  • Multi-stakeholder workshop on the VPA, Cameroun, November 2018
    A 3-day multi-stakeholder workshop in Yaoundé, to analyse the various roles and each actor’s involvement in existing deliberative processes and in particular in the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) in order to identify synergies that would enable them to take advantage of this process at the national level.
  • Regional White Paper Tour, July to September 2017
    A series of meetings in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic to advance discussions between CSOs, partners and donors on how to strengthen the impact of CSOs’ work in the Congo Basin region. Participants were invited to make specific inputs to the future of Well Grounded’s programme of work.
  • Regional learning workshop to exchange experiences and practices of Independent Forest Observation, Cameroon March 2014?
    A 3-day workshop in Yaoundé that allowed for dialogue and experience sharing between civil society organisations from three countries (FODER from Cameroon, CAGDF from the Republic of Congo and OGF from the Democratic Republic of Congo) that carry out independent forest observation. This workshop resulted in a synergy between these organisations and also with other organisations doing independent Forest Observation such as CIEDD in the Central African Republic.