What is Organisation Development?

If you have been wondering what Organisation Development really is, and what we do to support Civil Society Organisations, this video is for you!

Organisation Development in practice

See here how participants to Well Grounded’s training in Organisation Development do their work: follow one of the participants on the field!

Well Grounded’s Leadership Development Programme

This video provides an overview of Well Grounded’s regional Leadership
Development Programme that was offered to civil society actors in 2017-2018. To view the full length version of the video, please click here!

Well Grounded’s Organisation Development Practitioner Programme

Since 2010, Well Grounded has been supporting the development of civil
society organisations in Africa. Since August 2017, Well Grounded has been training eight consultants through a one-year programme to deepen their skills and transform their approach. This video was filmed during the first week of training and marks the beginning of a new dynamic, a community of practice.

Strengthening African CSOs for Improved Natural Resource Governance & Conservation

African organisations working to improve natural resource management have made great gains, but face serious challenges that limit their efforts to grow and sustain their impact. This short video provides an overview of the challenges they face and provides recommendations for addressing these issues. By Maliasili Initiatives and Well Grounded.

Leadership development in the Congo Basin

Why do we organise leadership workshops, how do they function and what is their impact? Find out in our brand new video!

Our work in community forestry

What is our work in community forestry in the DRC, and how do we support organisations involved in this sector? Find out in this new video!

Our work in the EU FLEGT VPA process

Watch Cath Long, former Executive Director and now board member, explain our work in the European Union FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement process.