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How interventions in the “North” can jeopardise leadership in the “South”

Behind popular concepts, real imbalances remain Working for a long time with European NGOs linked to Africa, I was often embarrassed by the unspoken vertical relationship, and by the imbalance that often occurs between an NGO from the North and a partner organisation from the South. Northern NGOs, and funders, want to implement projects and


Useful free resources for CSOs: tested and approved tools

Working in a small organisation is not easy. Financial and human resources are scarce, and although civil society organisations (CSOs) are aware that there are countless free resources and tools out there that could make their life easier, they are often so overloaded that they can’t invest the time needed to find out where they


Raising funds for small NGOs: meeting the challenge

By Camaleo Let’s face it: competition for funds is high, and fundraising has converted into an uphill battle for all non profits. The situation is even more dire for smaller organisations, especially when they are based in the countries where they implement their programmes. Small organisations and their specificities The vast majority of charitable organisations