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Resilient leader

Wake up the resilient leader in you!

These are unpredictable times during which we cannot know from one day to the next how the Covid-19 pandemic will evolve. We can’t anticipate, nor control, the measures our leaders will take. I feel I have been through this before, with a different dimension. I am Congolese from Goma, and I am part of the


How interventions in the “North” can jeopardise leadership in the “South”

Behind popular concepts, real imbalances remain Working for a long time with European NGOs linked to Africa, I was often embarrassed by the unspoken vertical relationship, and by the imbalance that often occurs between an NGO from the North and a partner organisation from the South. Northern NGOs, and funders, want to implement projects and


Leadership Development: The Mustard Seed of Efficient Organisations

Leadership is an essential element that contributes to the success or failure of civil society organisations (CSOs). If properly nurtured within an organisation, it can be the panacea that can contribute towards ensuring a stable health in CSOs and boost their growth. Yet, it constitutes the weak link in many CSOs working in the Congo