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Multi stake holder collaboration

New multi-stake holder collaborations to start in Cameroon

There were almost 25 participants at the three day workshop organized by Well Grounded in Yaoundé: associations of small- and medium-sized businesses, civil society organisations and community forest groups met and exchanged about their experiences of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA). In 2010, Cameroon signed a Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the European Union to develop

Baka Cameroon

Complaint abandoned, but systematic human rights violations continue for indigenous Baka communities in Cameroon

In September 2017, Survival International announced that it had withdrawn from OECD mediation with WWF, following its 2016 complaint lodged against them in relation to (inter alia) mistreatment of the Baka in Cameroon connected with its conservation activities. While Survival International’s formal complaint might be at an end, the serious abuses of indigenous peoples’ human


OKANI’s action in Gbabandi and the development of indigenous peoples

OKANI’s vision is «a cohesive society where the rights, justice and fulfillment of indigenous peoples from the forests of Cameroon are guaranteed.» Its mission is to «support Indigenous peoples from the Cameroonian forests, and to improve their living conditions through the promotion of respect for their rights Since its creation 11 years ago, Okani has


Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Cameroon : Challenges and issues

This article is the first of two pieces about indigenous peoples in Cameroon, written by a staff member of Okani, one of our client organisations. In Cameroon, when speaking about forest indigenous peoples, we refer to four different groups: Baka people live mostly in the Eastern and Southern regions of Cameroon. Bakola and Bagyeli people