Organisation Development

Well Grounded defines organisation development as a long-term process that requires a ‘whole systems’ approach. This process is made up of a series of interventions that focus on supporting an organisation to make changes to its systems, structures or culture. The core of our work are the one-to-one processes that we facilitate with individual organisations. These processes are complemented by specific initiatives that aim to address issues that are of interest to many of our civil society clients: leadership developmentdiversity and inclusion; as well as trust building and negotiation.

Well Grounded’s approach to organisation development

  1. We support organisations to take action for change
  2. Our primary accountability is to national civil society organisations
  3. We work with organisations that approach us for potential collaboration
  4. We choose the organisations with which we work according to our values and our availability
  5. We adapt our work to take into account the fact that each organisation is unique
  6. We look at an organisation as a whole rather than at individual parts in isolation
  7. We support organisations to take charge of their own development
  8. Organisations invest in the process in some way
  9. We identify issues and challenges with an organisation and not for it
  10. We do not tell organisations what to do: we may suggest solutions, but they make their own decisions
  11. We will not do anything that an organisation can do for itself
  12. Relationships are at the centre of our approach
  13. We work with everybody in an organisation who is affected by a process
  14. We support organisations to see how they fit into the bigger context and to make connections with others within that context
  15. We facilitate processes to encourage collective action across organisations

This video shows the second part of our Organisation Development training, and focuses on one of the key skills in this field: FACILITATION, as explained by the participants themselves.