Democratic Republic of Congo

Natural resource issues

Home to more than half of the Congo Basin forest, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has huge deposits of many valuable minerals. It is a vast country, and close to 60% of its population depend on forest resources for their survival. The DRC has recently experienced some 20 years of war and unrest, and corruption and mismanagement are widespread. However, at the moment, large parts of the forest are not yet allocated to logging concessions; this could be an opportunity to  put community management at the centre of forest management.

Civil society in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its challenges

Most of the civil society organisations that are active today have only existed since 1997, when Mobutu was deposed. Today there are hundreds of entities, working on the damage to the environment as a result of natural resource pillage, the needs of communities for support to develop themselves, or the marginalisation of women and indigenous Pygmy communities. Many face problems with internal organisation and leadership; with operating in a climate of mistrust after so many years of instability; with experiencing isolation from the broader movements; and with the huge financial and logistical challenges of working in such a large and poorly connected country.

Well Grounded in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Well Grounded has worked with civil society organisations in the DRC since it was set up. We have supported clients in thinking through their strategies; in analysing their organisations and identifying ways to become more effective; and in building better links with the communities they represent so that they can better target their work and their advocacy.

Current and former CSO clients: