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Collective intelligence or collective stupidity?

We often talk about collective intelligence, or the way we can take advantage of each contributor’s knowledge in order to find solutions that we would be unable to find individually. But we also talk about the dangers of a crowd. We see people in a group behaving in a way that contradicts how they would

Successful proposal

How to write a successful proposal

Donors are like you and me: they are busy people, and often don’t have enough time to thoroughly review all the applications they receive. If you make their work easier, you will greatly increase your chances of catching their eye, by following these simple steps: Select the right donor Sending the same proposal to any


Useful free resources for CSOs: tested and approved tools

Working in a small organisation is not easy. Financial and human resources are scarce, and although civil society organisations (CSOs) are aware that there are countless free resources and tools out there that could make their life easier, they are often so overloaded that they can’t invest the time needed to find out where they


Leadership Development: The Mustard Seed of Efficient Organisations

Leadership is an essential element that contributes to the success or failure of civil society organisations (CSOs). If properly nurtured within an organisation, it can be the panacea that can contribute towards ensuring a stable health in CSOs and boost their growth. Yet, it constitutes the weak link in many CSOs working in the Congo


Structures in organisations

One of the key standard questions an organisational development practitioner will ask any organisation s/he will engage with is to show their organigram. An organigram will show the functions in the organisation and how they are related to each other. Sometimes the diagram shows the names of the members in the organisation, but this is


ICT for CSOs: simple solutions for faulty internet connections

CSOs, like any other organisation nowadays, manage a lot of data. When we think about them, we tend to imagine all the activities they implement on the field; unfortunately, they also have to spend a considerable amount of time writing e-mails, sending reports or managing their accountancy. But CSOs also meet a different challenge: their


Raising funds for small NGOs: meeting the challenge

By Camaleo Let’s face it: competition for funds is high, and fundraising has converted into an uphill battle for all non profits. The situation is even more dire for smaller organisations, especially when they are based in the countries where they implement their programmes. Small organisations and their specificities The vast majority of charitable organisations


Should social media be part of your organisational strategy?

By Victor van Reijswoud Social media is useful for more than just social connectivity and entertainment. Social media opens new possibilities for organisations all around the world. It changes the way organisations communicate and engage with their clients and stakeholders. Social media expands the communication reach of organisations at a lower cost and these relations