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Local Communities Placed at the Centre of Forest Management in the DRC

Stakeholders working to ensure the sustainable management of forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have resolved to put communities living in and around forest concessions at the heart of things. Since 2015, national and international actors alongside the government of the DRC have worked to put in place a national strategy on community


Collaboration in a fracturing world

  A great organisation development practitioner, Davine Thaw, often summarises what organisations are in three words: people, purpose and process. Today, a bleak day for all of us who believe in collective action, as more than half my fellow citizens have chosen to take the UK out of the European Union, I have been thinking


“Bee farmers are in tears”

By CAMGEW (Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch) Just over a month ago, on February 21st, CAMGEW director Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy was alerted that a bushfire, allegedly started by a farmer in Bihkov, a small community in Jakiri sub-division in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, had gone out of control and was threatening to extend to


Organisation development: a cornerstone for the sustainable management of natural resources

By Alphonse Muhindo Valivambene From 27th to 30th July 2015, Well Grounded and Maliasili Initiatives organised a day of exchange between Kenyan, Tanzanian and Congolese (DRC) civil society organisations in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. The aim of this event was to share the diverse experiences and points of view regarding the development of a strategy, a


Why do local people often end up losing their community lands and forests, and see little of the profit that companies make from exploiting natural resources?

Many conflicts around community rights in natural resource management are caused by competition between companies and communities over access to and control of natural resources. Commercial exploitation of natural resources deprives communities of access to the spaces and resources on which they depend for their livelihoods and well-being, and local people usually see little if


Eureka moment for an organisation development practitioner

Have you ever had a Eureka moment when a song describes exactly how you feel?  Yep, that OMG moment! I know the feeling. Now imagine what is being described in the song is not only how you feel, but also your perception of the world, your ideas of how to make a difference, your personal


Values and ‘deep culture:’ the roots of change

I was recently facilitating a session with civil society representatives in the Republic of Congo, and I asked them to reflect on their personal values, and how these values relate to their professional life. It was inspiring and enriching to hear their responses, and it made me think about how I would answer the question


What if we stopped telling other people what’s good for them and thinking and acting on their behalf?

A recent conversation brought to mind Gandhi’s observation “Whatever you do for me without me, you do against me…” I’d been facilitating a strategic process with an organisation whose executive director told me about an earlier experience with strategic planning in 2008: “… [it] didn’t really help us move forward, it wasn’t the right time


Welcome to the Well Grounded blog!

Welcome to the Well Grounded blog! This will be a space for reflection about the challenges facing African civil society organisations today – particularly the challenges they face in their own organisations, in developing collective action with others and in identifying how to open and occupy space for real and positive change. As time goes