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OKANI’s action in Gbabandi and the development of indigenous peoples

OKANI’s vision is «a cohesive society where the rights, justice and fulfillment of indigenous peoples from the forests of Cameroon are guaranteed.» Its mission is to «support Indigenous peoples from the Cameroonian forests, and to improve their living conditions through the promotion of respect for their rights Since its creation 11 years ago, Okani has


Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Cameroon : Challenges and issues

This article is the first of two pieces about indigenous peoples in Cameroon, written by a staff member of Okani, one of our client organisations. In Cameroon, when speaking about forest indigenous peoples, we refer to four different groups: Baka people live mostly in the Eastern and Southern regions of Cameroon. Bakola and Bagyeli people


The fate of the Congo Basin forests must lie with its people

A light breeze of democratisation is blowing through the Congo Basin – and it is being driven by civil society. In the Central African Republic (CAR), civil society is playing a key role in rebuilding a nation torn apart by civil war. In Cameroon, it is pushing for democratic reforms in the face of often


What is community forestry?

We frequently hear about community forestry, but how does it really work, and what are its advantages for the populations? This month, Carmel Kifukieto, programme officer at the Centre d’Appui à la Gestion Durable des Forêts Tropicales (CAGDFT), one of the organisations we support in the Democratic Republic of Congo, tells us about the different


When the going gets tough, civil society gets organised

When there’s a crisis that threatens something important to ordinary people, there are many ways in which they organise themselves to step up to it. In Poland, right now, there is a crisis facing a forest that is deeply important to the Polish people and indeed to the rest of the world.


Local Communities Placed at the Centre of Forest Management in the DRC

Stakeholders working to ensure the sustainable management of forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have resolved to put communities living in and around forest concessions at the heart of things. Since 2015, national and international actors alongside the government of the DRC have worked to put in place a national strategy on community


People, organisations and positive change: an occasional blog series

Well Grounded is publishing a series of blog posts that tells the stories of people and organisations who have spoken out, who have found new ways to solve old problems and who have stuck at it in impossible circumstances in the pursuit of social and environmental justice. Be inspired! In the United States at the