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Testing and learning, or implementation at a forced march

When a donor launches a call for proposals, the time lapse between the submission of the proposal and the beginning of the project can commonly take from 6 months to a year. This supposes that the circumstances have remained the same – which is obviously untrue! Furthermore, organisations often have limited time and means to


How important are my values to me?

About a week ago, I met a long-time friend who works for a local human rights NGO. He looked really upset and admitted with regret he was disillusioned as, he explained: ‘…in our organisation, staff is estimated at20 people;50 % of them are trainees working without contracts… For over 5 years, many of them have


Clean funding for civil society organisations: ethics and racketeering in Cameroon

Credibility of funders’ procedures Donors intervening in environmental preservation actions of civil society organisationsin the Congo Basin espouse their reputation of exhibiting and seeking transparency, effectiveness and efficiency in the initiatives they support. This is demonstrated in several areas. Firstly, by the rigidity of the procedures that regulate the funding processes, which are accessible only