well grounded (adj)

1based on good evidence or reasons: soundly based; well founded.
2having a good training in or knowledge of a subject.


How we choose the organisations we work with

Many of the organisations that Well Grounded works with at the moment are ones that our staff have known for a long time and with which we have talked about the idea of Well Grounded since its inception. However, as time goes on, we hope that organisations will start to approach us.

When we are considering whether or not we can work with an organisation, we take into account the following issues:

  • Country: at the moment, we work with organisations from Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Liberia and the Republic of Congo only.
  • Willingness and interest: we want to work with organisations that meet the minimum criterion for each of our eight benchmarks and that are interested in improving on at least one of them. The minima are:



Minimum criterion: A willingness to tackle the question

1. A vision aimed at environmental and social justice 

Everyone involved in the organisation shares a common vision that is linked to at least one social or environmental issue 

2. Programmes, projects and campaigns based on evidence and analysis, with clear rationales 

What the organisation does is in response to one or more identified needs, priorities or problems

3. Accountable and responsive to the communities and groups with which the organisation is working 

The organisation knows on whose behalf it is working 

4. A functioning internal system of governance that is transparent and reflects the vision and values of the organisation

People involved in the organisation can explain who takes key decisions 

5. Mobilise and manage resources needed responsibly and transparently, accounting for them clearly and on time

More than one person involved in the organisation can explain where its funding comes from and how it plans to spend it

Everyone in the organisation understands that the organisation’s belongings are supposed to be used for its work 

6. Provide appropriate management and support for the people involved in the organisation 

The organisation wants to manage and support people justly in a way that serves its purpose

7. Work to the highest possible ethical standards 

The organisation wants to ensure ethical behaviour and tackle unethical behaviour 

8. Open and ready to learn from experience and from others and to work with others 

The organisation wants to be transparent in sharing information and learning from others



  • Impact: based on discussions and exchanges with an organisation, we have to make a judgement about whether or not working with Well Grounded will make a difference to an organisation and to wider civil society in that country.
  • Our own capacity: we are a small team and sometimes, however fantastic an organisation is, we cannot take on a new one because we simply would not be able to commit enough staff time and resources.