Iola Leal

At a Glance

Nationality: Spanish
Location / Base: London
Languages: Spanish, French, English, Dutch
Key Competencies: Forest and human ecology, biology, EU policies

Iola is one of the co-founders of Well Grounded. She has also worked as an unpaid director since the establishment of Well Grounded in 2010.

Iola is an environmental and social activist with more than 15 years’ experience on forest governance in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Her expertise is focused on political processes and as a facilitator supporting stakeholders in multi-cultural environments, particularly in Central Africa. She is currently working at the EU FLEGT Facility where she focuses on the implementation of governance commitments of the EU action plan for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT), with a focus on legality standard development, transparency commitments, and impact monitoring of FLEGT agreements.

Before joining the EU FLEGT Facility, Iola worked as forest governance campaigner at FERN in Belgium, working to help solve the challenges of integrating environmental issues into European Commission Aid policies and improve governance in forests globally. She has also worked with grassroots organisations in Catalonia and Galicia.

Iola’s educational background is in the fields of Biology and Forest and Human Ecology. She currently lives in Delft, The Netherlands, with her partner and children.