Do you work for one of our clients? Apply to our leadership programme!

From its inception in 2010, Well Grounded has been working with African CSOs on a wide variety of issues relating to organizational development. One of the main learning of this collaboration has been the realisation that leadership is one of the major challenges for CSOs. The positive or negative effects of leadership are felt at all levels of an organization and these influence the ability of an organization to achieve its objectives. Together with some of our clients, we have mapped out the need for civil society actors to reflect on:

  • The importance of acknowledging that leadership is possible, required at all levels of an organization:
  • The importance of allocating time and energy on our own internal resources so as to build our internal capacity, the aim being to create a better impact externally;
  • The importance of developing leadership abilities to ensure that our efforts become sustainable in the long term with a guaranteed succession.

Well Grounded wishes to contribute to this by providing civil society actors with the opportunity, through its leadership program, to get together, reflect and learn from one another while strengthening their leadership skills and abilities.

Do you work with one of our client CSOs in Cameroun or CAR? Check all details here or in the adjacent documents and apply before March 7th!