well grounded (adj)

1bien fondé, solide
2fait de reposer sur des données sérieuses
3bien enraciné

Our benchmarks

Well Grounded believes that for an organisation to have an impact, it needs a clear vision that builds on good information and responds to the people it works for. It will manage its resources and its people well, being clear about how it takes decisions. And it will work in a principled way and be ready to learn from experience and to share information with others.

We have articulated this in a series of eight ‘benchmarks’ that together reflect the pillars of a strong organisation. Each organisation will have its own interpretation of how it wants to progress in relation to these benchmarks; however, for Well Grounded, the minimum is that an organisation be committed to the basic principles expressed in each of the them.

Organisation development is an approach that views organisations as a whole, and being an organisation development practitioner requires having a good understanding of all of the main pillars that make an organisation function. For Well Grounded, our eight benchmarks represent the main pillars that underpin a healthy organisation. Our approach recognises that all of the pillars are connected at a certain level, and that each one influences the others, and in effect, the whole.

In the image on the right, hover over the circles to get more detail about each benchmark.