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When the going gets tough, civil society gets organised

When there’s a crisis that threatens something important to ordinary people, there are many ways in which they organise themselves to step up to it. In Poland, right now, there is a crisis facing a forest that is deeply important to the Polish people and indeed to the rest of the world.


Local Communities Placed at the Centre of Forest Management in the DRC

Stakeholders working to ensure the sustainable management of forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have resolved to put communities living in and around forest concessions at the heart of things. Since 2015, national and international actors alongside the government of the DRC have worked to put in place a national strategy on community


People, organisations and positive change: an occasional blog series

Well Grounded is publishing a series of blog posts that tells the stories of people and organisations who have spoken out, who have found new ways to solve old problems and who have stuck at it in impossible circumstances in the pursuit of social and environmental justice. Be inspired! In the United States at the


Paving the Way for Greater Success in AAFEBEN

Passion and commitment are two of the many qualities that drive the activities of most community based organisations. AAFEBEN (Appui à l’Auto Promotion de la Femme de Boumba et Ngoko), a community based organisation in Yokadouma in the Eastern region of Cameroon is one of such organisations. Its members and staff are dedicated and are


Structures in organisations

One of the key standard questions an organisational development practitioner will ask any organisation s/he will engage with is to show their organigram. An organigram will show the functions in the organisation and how they are related to each other. Sometimes the diagram shows the names of the members in the organisation, but this is


ICT for CSOs: simple solutions for faulty internet connections

CSOs, like any other organisation nowadays, manage a lot of data. When we think about them, we tend to imagine all the activities they implement on the field; unfortunately, they also have to spend a considerable amount of time writing e-mails, sending reports or managing their accountancy. But CSOs also meet a different challenge: their