Benchmark 8

Open and ready to learn from experience and from others and to work with others

We want to be transparent in sharing information and learning from others

  1. We keep records of our successes and failures. We meet with other organisations and discuss common challenges and solutions with them.
  2. We analyse the reasons for our successes and failures. We publish reports and make information about our work available through email, websites and other media.
  3. We welcome evaluators to assess our initiatives, and we ensure that each evaluation report is discussed between us and that changes are made to our practice, if needed. We develop projects and initiatives in partnership with other groups and work hard at ensuring that such collaborations are a success.

Well Grounded believes that unless an organisation is prepared to learn, both from its own successes and failures and from other organisations and people, it runs the risk of not being effective and of becoming stagnant. Organisations that regularly stop to reflect and learn, and that make an effort to apply that learning, tend to be much more able to react to changing circumstances, to constantly improve on what they are doing, and to enable others to learn from them. All of this means that they have a better impact in the context in which they are working.