Benchmark 7

Work to the highest possible ethical standards

We want to ensure ethical behaviour and tackle unethical behaviour

  1. Everyone understands the standards of behaviour that are expected
  2. We have a basic code of conduct that has been agreed between all members and to which all staff members agree to adhere
  3. There is a policy in place to deal with and sanction cases of bad behaviour. The organisation actively manages risks of unethical behaviour and takes steps to mitigate or eliminate those risks.

In order for an organisation to have the confidence of its own staff and the other people with whom it works, Well Grounded believes that it is important that the organisation be seen to operate with integrity, consistency and respect for others. The details of ethical standards and how they are expressed may differ from organisation to organisation, depending on its circumstances, but unless there are some common principles shared by everyone involved, it is hard for others to have confidence in it. Achieving this benchmark will involve being clear about what the ethical standards are and how the organisation is working to ensure that they are respected.