Benchmark 5

Mobilise and manage resources needed responsibly and transparently, accounting for them clearly and on time

More than one of us can explain where our funding comes from and how we plan to spend it. We all understand that the organisation’s belongings are supposed to be used for our work.

  1. We record our income and expenditure. We keep records of our equipment and materials.
  2. We have controls in place so that no one individual is in control of all our financial transactions. We have an accounting system in place that ensures that we are following national laws. We prepare a budget each year and we monitor our expenditure against the budget. We have systems in place for managing our equipment and materials.
  3. We have a fundraising strategy, and we prepare proposals and business plans that are based on both our overall strategy and on our real costs. Decision-makers in our organisation use financial information and analysis to inform their management decisions. We have an annual audit, and we publish our accounts each year in a form that is accessible to our funders, partners and the groups and communities with which we work.

Sooner or later, almost any organisation needs resources to achieve its vision or objectives. However, many organisations face major challenges: first of all, in terms of finding the resources they need and convincing someone to contribute them; secondly, if successful in accessing resources, then managing them and making sure that they are used to further the objectives of the organisation; and thirdly, accounting for how resources have been used to the people who have contributed them and to the communities or groups with which the organisation is working. Well Grounded believes that if an organisation cannot do these three things in a responsible and transparent manner, it will face huge challenges in delivering on its work, and it is unlikely that it will have a long-term future.