well grounded (adj)

1based on good evidence or reasons: soundly based; well founded.
2having a good training in or knowledge of a subject.

Benchmark 5

Mobilise and manage resources needed responsibly and transparently, accounting for them clearly and on time

Sooner or later, almost any organisation needs resources to achieve its vision or objectives. However, many organisations face major challenges: first of all, in terms of finding the resources they need and convincing someone to contribute them; secondly, if successful in accessing resources, then managing them and making sure that they are used to further the objectives of the organisation; and thirdly, accounting for how resources have been used to the people who have contributed them and to the communities or groups with which the organisation is working. Well Grounded believes that if an organisation cannot do these three things in a responsible and transparent manner, it will face huge challenges in delivering on its work, and it is unlikely that it will have a long-term future.