Benchmark 3

Accountable and responsive to the communities and groups with which the organisation is working

We know on whose behalf we are working.

  1. We can explain how we communicate with the communities and/or groups with which we work.
  2. We have agreed strategies and systems in place to ensure that the communities and/or groups with which we work can hold us to account.
  3. We have processes in place that enable the groups and/or communities with which we work to play an active role in defining our strategies and taking key decisions.

In the experience of Well Grounded, and indeed in that of many organisations, the most successful initiatives are those that have been identified by and developed with – and, even better, delivered by – the people who are being targeted (the ‘beneficiaries’).

Yet, all too often a beautifully defined project falls flat because it does not really respond to what communities themselves want or need; or a campaign runs into trouble because it has an unforeseen impact on a community and there is no way to adjust it because these issues are not identified.

Well Grounded therefore believes that when a project or programme is being designed and implemented, the involvement of the communities or groups being targeted is critical to its success. And quite apart from the pragmatic reasons for ensuring that there is some level of accountability, we also believe that every opportunity for members of communities to better understand and engage in organising initiatives is another step towards them defining and directing their own development.