well grounded (adj)

1based on good evidence or reasons: soundly based; well founded.
2having a good training in or knowledge of a subject.

Benchmark 1

A vision aimed at environmental and social justice

Unless the people in an organisation know where they want to go and what impact they want to have, it is far too easy for them to lose direction. But if an organisation is founded on a clear vision of what the people within it are working towards, and why, this helps them to focus their work and to make strategic choices about what to do or what not to do.

The vision of Well Grounded is to contribute to a world in which all people are able to seek and secure justice and sustainability in the management of natural resources. For us, the sustainable management of natural resources and respect for the rights of local communities are key. Therefore, in order to make our own vision a reality, we work with civil society organisations in Africa that share these same ideals.